The Flash Season 2: Flash to Meet Trajectory, Iris Makes a Risky Move, Flash Not Fast Enough to Save Her!

The Flash (Grant Gustin) is going to have some trouble coming his way in the second season of The Flash. A new speedster is going to join the show and The Flash will be blamed for her actions.

Christian Post has reported that Trajectory is going to be introduced in Season 2. Trajectory will be played by Allison Paige and is going to be the first female character in DC Comic who is known for her immense speed.

Trajectory has a desire for destruction and speed and she is going to create havoc in Central City. Since such speed can only be expected from Flash, the poor super hero gets blamed for Trajectory’s mess. This is when Flash decides to take matters into his own hand and decides to find out the reason for the destruction, which leads him to Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory.

The Flash Season 2 will deal not only with Trajectory and her speed issues, but Flash and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) will also have to deal with Zoom (Tony Todd). It is reported in the synopsis of the upcoming episode that Zoom wants Flash’s power and there is going to be a scene where he asks Wells to hand over his friend’s power to him.

The viewers and Team Flash are still ignorant about why Zoom is after Barry’s speed. He did the same with Jay (Teddy Sears) and is now blackmailing Wells to hand over Flash’s speed before he can mess with his life.

Zoom doesn’t come alone, he gets along with him, his meta-human friend called Tar Pit (Marco Grazzini). Tar Pit can change his form to that of liquid asphalt with the help of his friends in Star lab and starts drowning people in tar.

In order to eliminate these threats to the Central City, Barry Allen and Wells will try to close off the breach that had come in between Earth 1 and Earth 2. The two must close of all breaches, but leave one out as that would enable them to keep a tab on supervillains entering Earth 1.

The Flash Season 2 episode 11 had seen Flash aka Barry being told by Joe (Jesse Martin) that he has to give up his personal emotions and attachments, if he has to do his work. Episode 12 sees Flash doing exactly that when he decides to keep Patty (Shantel VanSanten) aside to focus on his work, but he will not be able to keep his attachments too far from himself.

Zoom captures Wells’ daughter and Team Flash will have to travel to Earth 2 to rescue her back. Earth 2 is parallel to Earth, but it is not a mirror image. This journey will put Flash in immense danger, but he will do it nonetheless. Barry ultimately saves the day since he rescues Wells’ daughter and also figures out a secret deal with Zoom in exchange of the little girl.

There is a rumor hinting at Wells betraying his friend to Zoom. Wells had been making a formula to make Flash go faster in order to enable Zoom still his power.

However, with Barry going all out to save his daughter, there is a possibility that Wells will not betray the whole team.

The trip to Earth 2 will show the viewers a glimpse of Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) who are very happy with each other and seem to be in a relationship. There is speculation that the two might be married and look very mature while they engage in a long and private conversation.