The Finale of the Good Wife Will Pack in A Lot of Suspense, Margulies Plans to Spend Time with Her Family!

E! Online has reported that the final episode of The Good Wife Season 7 is going to be full of suspense. Margulies has hinted that the episode can also be a controversial one and will also have a surprise guest who will be coming in. She did tease the fans with these information, but was careful to not let out anything else.

With the series coming to an end, fans will remember the moments that brought out the best in The Good Wife. The best thing about The Good Wife, as reported by Vulture, was that it built strong relationships between characters and then placed those characters in situations where those same ties were tested.

When Alicia decided to go ahead and open a law firm with Cary (Matt Czuchry), it immediately brought to light her relationship with Will (Josh Charles) and how friends become enemies and competitors.

The writers were never afraid of pushing the envelope. They never shied away from depicting things for fear that they would hurt the sensitivity of the viewers. The fans are still reeling with the thought of when they see Will being killed.

The gruesome and violent nature of his death was dealt with in an unflinching manner. The Good Wife has never been one to pose easy questions or to make things pretty and comfortable.

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