The Finale of the Good Wife Will Pack in A Lot of Suspense, Margulies Plans to Spend Time with Her Family!

The final episode of The Good Wife is right around the corner and with that comes the end of a series that has been going strong for seven long seasons.The Good Wife has given the viewers with a great story with lots of drama and emotion and it has also given them a very strong woman lead. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has captivated and charmed her audience for all the seven seasons and has paved the way for strong female leads in television series.

Margulies recently spoke to Global News about her feelings on The Good Wife coming to an end. She said that it was a bittersweet experience working on the last episode of The Good Wife. She said that she has been with this character for so long, and to finally stop playing that role and move on, things are bound to get emotional.

Margulies said that she was completely choked up when she received the script for the last season and she couldn’t believe that the countdown had finally began. After reading the whole script, she was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t talk to anyone and only after speaking things out to her husband, could she finally call up the creators of The Good Wife, Michelle and Robert King, to give them her feedback.

Julianna Margulies says that all the viewers are wondering if Alicia will ever get to be happy. She said that The Good Wife Season 7 showed that Alicia might be able to find real happiness in her life after all.

She had started off as a housewife who was forced to raise her children after her husband, a rising politician, Peter (Chris Noth) was sent to prison on charges of corruption, following a sex scandal. Seven years ago, Alicia had stood by her husband, but she has changed over the years.

Aliciawent on to become one of the best lawyers in the city and has a partnership in a law firm. She has fallen in love and has gone ahead to lose the man in a shooting incident and has come out stronger at the end of it all. Now when she again going to be with Peter at another press conference, the viewers will realize how far she has come and how much she has grown.

Julianna Margulies has been playing the role of Alicia for so long that even though she was very different from her once, she has sort of started showing some essence of Alicia’s character in her own being.

She said she is going to be sad giving up on playing the role that has been such an important aspect of her life, but she is also pretty excited about not thinking of tricky dialogues and be just able to have a regular conversation.

Everyone wants to know what Margulies plans to do next, now that The Good Wife has come to an end. She said that she wants to enjoy the free time for a while. She has books she wants to read and meet friends whom she hasn’t met for a long time. She also wants to hit the gym and focus on becoming a mother and wife.

She added that she has been so busy with The Good Wife that she couldn’t give much time to her family and will make up for it by being there for her kids for the whole day.