T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Users Will Receive an Update Soon, S7 Owners Should Check Out the New LED View Cover, And More!

People with a T-Mobile Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will get an update anytime now. The latest software update will bring the baseband version to G930TUVU2APC8. This update will have a size ranging from 146.91MB to 215.56MB.

However, this depends on which version of Galaxy S7 you are currently using. The S7 Edge will receive the lightest update. At the same time, don’t expect many fancy features to show up once the update is done.

The upcoming update is actually more maintenance-focused. The main improvements to be introduced with this update are Samsung Pay updates, Enhanced voice process and various system improvements. There will be a bug fix in various system improvements and this is bug that has been disturbing Galaxy S7 users for quite some time now.

There are some users who have reported unresponsive buttons, mainly the power and volume down keys. The upcoming OTA will smash this bug and offer a better experience. Also, keep in mind that just because your fellow S7 user received the update, you might not get it immediately.

These updates will have different roll-out times for different users due to which some of you might have to wait a little more. However, you can check for updates in Settings. If anyone of you already received the update, you can share it in the comments section below.

The Samsung is clearly one of the most impressive devices available in the market right now. It features a 2.5D curved glass display along with an all glass back. Sadly, this also makes it one of the most fragile devices. Therefore, you will probably wish to keep your expensive device protected whenever you go out of your house.

There are many different kinds of options available with 3rd party cases but some people will always prefer sticking to OEM cases. In that case, you can check out the LED view and the S-view Flip covers available from Samsung.

These are official cases which come with superior device protection along with some other tricks up its sleeve. Besides the HTC Dot View cover, Samsung’s LED View cover is one of the more interesting mobile cases developed over the years. This case has a small portion where the LEDs light up in order to show you the notifications.

Keep in mind that only Samsung core applications are supported and the LED Cover shows time, music playing, incoming/unread messages and calls, volume control, low battery warning and also shows you when the device has been charged. Keep in mind that these LEDs won’t remain lit up indefinitely since there is no way to charge the case.

They will be available for a brief amount of time when closing the case or pressing the power button even when the case is closed. The LEDs are actually touch-sensitive and not just for show. You can interact with some of the notifications, which includes answering calls or turning off notifications.

You don’t need to open the cover for all that and it can be easily done without it. The case is a premium one and comes with a faux leather finish which further makes the phone look like a tiny book when it’s closed. At the edge of the phone, you will notice the front flap gently curving and it will sit completely flushed around the display.

The flap comes with a magnet which will wake/sleep your phone whenever you open or close it. Inside, there is a small packet which can store an SD card. However, we are not sure whether it is recommended.