Creator Teases a Lot of Drama in Girl Meets World Season 3, Uncle Josh to Play an Important Role, And More

It is already known that the gang from Girl Meets World Season 3 will be heading to high school when the show returns. There is a lot of excitement about this change since high school brings with it a lot of drama and the fans are waiting to see what’s in store for Riley, Maya and their friends.

There are reports that the viewers will get to see a love triangle between Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). Lucas will pick one of the girls and will want to be friends with the other and this will bring with it some new drama.

This is where Uncle Josh (Uriah Shelton) is going to step in. He will help the girls and their friends make the transition into high school and will provide them with the much needed support and advice.

Uncle Josh is going to start with his college life. He has gone through the experience of high school and knows how difficult the shift from middle school to high school is. Keeping that in mind, he will become a support system for the gang in Girl Meets World Season 3.

Uriah Shelton had been recovering after he had met with a motorcycle accident and hence couldn’t be a part of the whole of Season 2. The producers had a lot of plans for him, which they will incorporate in Girl Meets World Season 3.

Since Shelton is still recovering from his wounds, News Everyday has reported that his character might be made to reflect that on screen. Josh had to be removed from the plot midway in Girl Meets World Season 2 and even that absence will have to be addressed in the plot.

The Wrap reported that the teaser for Girl Meets World Season 3 has been released and it will show Riley and Maya struggling with their friendship as they step into the world of high school. The friends have been together all throughout middle school, but things aren’t going to be that smooth anymore.

Fans will also get to see that Riley and Lucas will not have a happy ending to their middle school romance. There is going to be a lot of tension between them since Lucas will end up telling Riley that she is too much for him to handle.

The fans who watch the spin-off, Boy Meets World will be aware that the series has tackled the love triangle between Jack, Rachel and Eric for a long time now. However, Michael Jacobs, who is the co-creator of the show, has made it very clear that it is not just a love triangle that the fans are looking at. The creative team isn’t going to merely settle for a love triangle. There are deeper insights and conceptual questions that need to be tackled here.

With the girls and their friends moving into high school, the series is likely to deal with sensitive issues like drug abuse, alcohol and sex.

However, some viewers believe that Girl Meets World Season 3 will not be able to deal with such pressing and relevant issues if it continues on Disney. Disney has very stringent rules and the viewership might not be suitable for such issues.

This has given way to fans signing petitions to move Girl Meets World Season 3 from Disney to Freeform. Fans of the series are of the opinion that if the show continues in Disney, it will never be able to grow naturally. There are reports comparing Girl Meets World with Boy Meets World and it is shown that the latter has matured as a series since it didn’t have Disney regulating its content.