Spoilers for Banshee Season 4 Revealed, Dawson Feels Lucas Is Up to Something and Hiding It from Her, More Details

“Banshee” was created by David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper. It was set in Pennsylvania Amish Country, specifically in the small town of Banshee.

Banshee Season 4, the fourth and final season of this action thriller is just three episodes shy of its finale. The season is clearly nearing its end and fans of the show are already expecting the upcoming episode 6, which has been titled “Only One Way a Dogfight Ends”, to be entirely packed with a lot of action and bloodshed.

Reports indicate that the crusading ways of Carrie will receive more exposure in the upcoming episodes, specifically now since Job has already revealed Carrie’s movement to Hood. However, the latter might be against this. At the same time, he is also someone who prefers getting his hands dirty by dishing out justice on his own.

Brock made his public speech that he is coming after the Satanists and this is a term that Dawson used in order to refer to the serial murderers. This in fact, could be his new approach to provoke the killers. The promotional trailer for Only One Way a Dogfight ends shows Lucas is being suspected by Dawson to be hiding a secret from her.

It comes into focus after he notices his constant habit of checking the car keys every time he enters their hotel room. Meanwhile, Kai Proctor is reported by a female deputy in Banshee that she has found Carrie.

Kai is told by Calvin that his brother will no longer work for the mayor and later on he also confronts his own brother Kurt. Someone’s death is also hinted by the clip especially when Kai is seen throwing a flower on someone’s grave.

Job is seen stabbing someone while one of the cops gets shot. In other news, Ivana Milicevic shared some details about working on the final episodes portraying the character of Carrie. Collider came to know that in the first season, Carrie was living in comfort in the fake life created by her not until the arrival of Lucas.

A lot of emotions started to appear from her, including, rage, pain, fear, love, adrenaline, passion and others. She said, “The choices that she made, and the repercussions and consequences of those choices, now in Season 4, means that she’s lost everything. Lucas left, she has no Job, she has no children, and she has no Gordon. She had nothing. She’s keeping it together by a thread”

While speaking of her character, Milicevic said that she didn’t know that Carrie would try to fix everything. She is a small town mother who used to be a highly notorious jewel thief. She also said that all the episodes were not written in the beginning of Season 4 and according to her, things start to change a little bit.

She also knew that Carrie had the house she was refurbishing. She further explained how the house is like a hologram of the character’s heart since it has kind of a fortress around it and furthermore, she was trying to fix the broken mess that is located inside of it.

At the same time, Milicevic also talked about Lucas Hood. She explained that when this particularly enigmatic ex-convict came to town, all the passion, pain, fear, love and adrenaline started pouring out of her.

Milicevic mentioned that Carrie literally lost everything in Season 4. This happened due to the choices she made and also the results, repercussions and consequences arising due to these choices.