Spoilers for Banshee Season 4 Revealed, Dawson Feels Lucas Is Up to Something and Hiding It from Her, More Details

Job and Gordon Hopewell not being with her further complicates things.  However, Carrie has a lot of time to think and reflect about her next move. She further mentioned that her character no longer needs to make brownies for the bake sale.

Oakland Press was told by Milicevic that she will miss her role in Banshee. She loved working with the people behind the Cinemax series other than being in love with her role.

An element of surprise has always been one of the greatest assets of Banshee. The showrunners figured out how to tease the viewers with a juicy plot or two before managing to turn the entire series on its head.

This included dropping the one of kind experimental episodes during the middle of the season. It left you spinning from the confident brilliance shown. The reports indicating that this year will be Banshee’s last sounds rather strange.

The show has always managed to be a gripping and exhilarating delight but last year, it grabbed the claim of being one of the best things on television. The same blend of pulp and death has never been managed by any other show due to which Season 4 seems too early to leave.

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