The Expendables 4: Arnie Has Faith In The Franchise, Boxing Champ Pacquiao Offered Role, And More Details

With The Expendables 3 not doing as well as it was expected, the whole team is out to make The Expendables 4 a massive hit! There are some who believe that unlike the previous two instalments, The Expendables 3 wasn’t a huge success because the PG13 tag.

This time round, Sylvester Stallone is doing everything possible to make sure that the fiasco of the last film is not repeated and it looks like there are two people he think would help The Expendables 4 really very well- Jackie Chan and Justin Bieber.

If rumours are to be believed, Sylvester Stallone is said to have offered the martial arts legend Jackie Chan a role in the upcoming film, but he turned down the offer. Chan, however, had expressed a strong desire to work with the action star in other projects.

A movie with both Jackie Chan and Sly would sure be a treat to watch, but we don’t know when such a project will take shape given the busy schedule of both the actors.

While this news of Jackie Chan refusing an offer to be a part of The Expendables 4 was doing the rounds there was another interesting piece of news that surfaced. Rumour has it that Jason Statham, who has been a regular in the franchise, might not be returning for the next film.

Statham supposedly has a problem with Justin Bieber being a part of the action movie in the role of a villain. Statham believes that Justin is not at all fit to be part of an action film and especially be cast as a villain in a franchise that is so popular.

Statham has denied making any such claims. He said in an interview that it’s a privilege working in a film where one is director and cast with the legendary Sylvester Stallone. He has confirmed that he would be back playing the role of Lee Christmas in The Expendables 4.