Review Of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer, Presence of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Voice Speculated, And More

Recently, a new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was revealed, and IGN took a closer look at all of its details. Zack Snyder tweeted the first trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and people are excited to decipher the hidden details showcased in this trailer video! Let us take a look at the things deduced so far. In the beginning, viewers get to have to have the first look at Metropolis, the city that Superman calls his home. You will immediately notice the enormous statue of tribute to The Man of Steel.

Take a gander at the surroundings or judge the VO in this portion, and you will understand that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice takes place after the events of Man of Steel movie. According to Jim Vejvoda, the IGN director, the first voice was that of newscaster Charlie Rose. He claims to have heard Holly Hunter, who plays a senator, and there is a possible scene showcasing a Capitol Hill Senate Hearing.

Meanwhile, US Senator Patrick Leahy will make a cameo appearance in this movie. Jesse Eisenberg, as Lex Luthor, will be quoted saying, ‘the devils come from the sky’. On the 23rd-second mark, you will notice Superman being revered by a crowd of fans and what appears to be painted faces among the crowd members. Predictions suggest a Day of The Dead Festival and indicate a global presence for Superman.  The theme could also link to a Joker imagery, which doesn’t seem accidental at all.

After this, you will notice Superman performing his heroic deeds. You will notice Superman picking up a craft, with the word Roscosmos inscribed on it. Roscosmos means the Russian Federal Space Agency. It again alludes to the fact that Superman is working around the world.

You will bear witness to an awkward situation on the 41st-second mark. Here you notice a squad of soldiers, who appear to be donning an outfit with the Superman logo. They kneel before the Man of Steel, and this raises the question whether Superman has gone rogue at this point in the film. It is either this or a crew of citizens similar to the hockey pad brigade, shown in Batman: The Dark Knight. Meanwhile, you will notice that Superman stays above everyone else in all the scenes shown in this trailer, it clearly points to a symbolism of authority and tyranny.