Gran Turismo 7 Expected To Be Biggest PS4 Hit, Gamers Gear Up To Race in Isle Of Man Mountain Course, And More

Sony is presently expecting that its highly-anticipated game, Gran Turismo 7 will live up to the expectations and hype that it generated. It will roll out exclusively for PlayStation later this year or in the early part of 2016. Meanwhile, Polyphony Digital promised that it will bring something special to world gamers with Gran Turismo 7. According to Push Square, this will be the best Gran Turismo installment that players can imagine.

The Gran Turismo racing video franchise, exclusive to PlayStation 4 has been a big seller but was slightly affected during the PlayStation 3 days when because of the major delays and the slightly smaller install base in the last generation consoles, in comparison to PlayStation 2 and PlayStation. However, with the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 7 for the latest Sony console, the title promises to be a great one.

The latest reports show that the developer Polyphony Digital has already looked into the famous Isle of Man Mountain course, which will be the highlight circuit in the upcoming Gran Turismo 7. Besides this heavy-weight course, there are many key attributes that go in the favor of this brand new racing title. One of the primary features is its exclusivity to the PS4 console.

It means truly great things for the upcoming PS4 console and its users, since the developer can push the game to its maximum limit and potential without any difficulty. Gran Turismo 7 will certainly be a lot better when compared to the sixth iteration in this franchise. Series director Kazunori Yamaichi confirmed that this game will be the best ever among the PlayStation racing franchises. According to him, the video game will run naturally on the PS4.

The developers also had the capability of doing everything for Gran Turismo 7 which wasn’t possible for the sixth installment. At the same time, Gran Turismo 7 has better physics as the game developer promised to make it visually astounding in nature. Meanwhile, there are also reports from Polyphony Digital which indicate that they are working on the full game’s release and not a beta.