Gran Turismo 7 Expected To Be Biggest PS4 Hit, Gamers Gear Up To Race in Isle Of Man Mountain Course, And More

Yamauchi further stated that the audio quality for Gran Turismo 6 is already good but they have made it even better with Gran Turismo 7. As mentioned earlier, the series creator said that they would retain all the standard cars while adding premium ones, in order to give gamers a new round of excitement. Standard cars in the game can be upgraded to premium ones as soon as they become available. Polyphony Digital is working right now to increase the number of premium cars for the upcoming title.

Ever since Gran Turismo 7’s confirmation by Polyphony Digital in 2014, fans are really eager to see what’s in store. There have been cases earlier, when the game developers could not release a game that lives up to its hype. As avid gamers, we surely hope that Gran Turismo 7 lives up to the excellent hype and massive expectations surrounding it. The 37-mile circuit of the famous Isle of Man will keep gamers patient for this release. An old article published in IOM Today revealed that people from Sony visited they track in order to take images record data. Hence, from the looks of it, Sony is pretty serious about this title.

Stay tuned for more updates on Gran Turismo 7!