Dragon Age: Inquisition Gamers Find New Ways to Control Personal Story, Black Emporium Update Rumors Keep Surfacing, And More News

Before launching Dragon Age Inquisition last year, BioWare released a web-based application known as Dragon Age Keep which permits players to make their own customized world state within Thedas. The idea was based on various decisions that were placed throughout the course of the Dragon Age franchise.

Fans gained the ability to carry on with their personal stories from the popular role-playing game which allowed them to continue their adventure across various platforms. Things like these were especially helpful since Dragon Age Inquisition brought the franchise to the newest generation of consoles that are currently available. The gamers who picked up the new game couldn’t afford to make use of their old save game files for the simple reason that they have now migrated to a brand new platform.

BioWare answered this issue with the release of Dragon Age Keep. Ever since the release of Dragon Age Keep, BioWare has been listening to feedback for the hopes of improvement in the application functions. The company also announced on Twitter that they have released a new update known as The Keep, which made several alterations based on player feedback. According to BioWare,”Latest Keep release is now live and we’ve added a few things you’ve been asking for!”

On BioWare blog, the developer to share some expanded details regarding the release of their new web-based application. It provides an in-depth look into the new web application. With Dragon Age Keep, you can share and shape up your Dragon Age experience in any way that you see fit. The developers have been listening to feedback in order to figure out ways of making it better. In the latest release, a number of new features have been added which provide the players with more customization and control options over Dragon Age Legacy.

It includes careers, heroes and world dates. One of the major changes that The Keep brings is providing gamers with the ability to finally notice all decisions that were presented inside Dragon Age Inquisition. The plot matter from the franchise’s most recent installment has been added to this application. However, till now users were only able to check out the decisions that they have unlocked in Dragon Age Inquisition.