Dragon Age: Inquisition Gamers Find New Ways to Control Personal Story, Black Emporium Update Rumors Keep Surfacing, And More News

With the latest update, players can view all entries from Dragon Age Inquisition irrespective of their actual gameplay history. The update also brings several enhancements, designed to further customize the world states which are saved to the Dragon Age Keep. It includes the options to upload customized portraits and the ability to ultimately delete saved play through settings from the world state manager.

Besides improving the user experience in Dragon Age Keep, BioWare is presently working to bring out the next great content update for Dragon Age Inquisition. Earlier reports by Inquisitr state that the free Black Emporium Patch will be available across all platforms by next month.

The new Dragon Age Inquisition was in dire need of many changes and fixes after its first release and BioWare has been making sure that they fixed up all of the problems and provide fans what they wish for. The fifth patch will be coming with the Black Emporium feature along with the Mirror of Transformation but these two haven’t arrived yet. Later, it was predicted that the updates would come to the next patch which did not happen.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Age Inquisition!