The Blacklist Season 3: Release Date Revealed, Character Lineup Reshuffled, Stunt Director Cort Hessler Speaks His Mind, And More

Liz is no longer an FBI agent and, for this reason, her ex-FBI colleagues will be trying to hunt her down.

Megan Boone revealed it to Zap2it in an interview that “The Blacklist” season 3 will be of the same characters but in a different way, a bit dynamic. It will just change a bit.

Boone also spoke about the relationship of Liz and Red. She said that Liz loves Red a lot but not really in an idealistic way. But fans know how much Red loves her, and it is a bit perplexing kind of love.

Boone also said that she thinks that the character Liz loves Red, and she also added that she doesn’t think that Liz has any romantic feelings for Red. It’s not a romantic story between Liz and Red, but there are some groups of people who want something like this to happen.

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