The Blacklist Season 3: Release Date Revealed, Character Lineup Reshuffled, Stunt Director Cort Hessler Speaks His Mind, And More

Cort Hessler, the Emmy Award–winning stunt director, who won the award for working on the very first show of this massively admired show, unveiled that the cast of “The Blacklist” series is made up of a cluster of harsh cookies, and they always like to take their acting proficiency to a different level.

Hessler said that the actors perform all the stunts, and this fact about the actors only helps them. He also said that there’s a huge difference between the stunts men performing the stunts and the actors not doing the stunts.

Hence, each and every person on this show, which is Liz played by Megan Boone, Ressler played by Klattenhoff and Red played by James Spader, performs all kinds of stunts, that is they all have fought, shot people. They all have stepped in and as made it.

Sometimes, CGI has also been used. But Hessler says that there’s not always sufficient time to make use of it, and so it’s not possible to solely rely on using CGI. Whenever it comes or using CGI in the stunts, Hessler speaks out that the CGI has to be used as a tool and cannot be used as a complete artifact. Well, this particular product is also used to create a safe environment.

The stunt director says that while doing stunts during the 80’s, little tiny cables were used which used to get rupture and were very tough to track. But now those little tiny cables are no more in use and instead of those cables bigger cables are used because these bigger cables are easier to find and also they are easier to paint.

If CGI is used fully, and have to make the whole throng believe it, then they will consider a person is being yanked out of a room on a cable rather than a CGI person being yanked out of the room.

Well in “The Blacklist” season 2, the axe was provided to Cooper by the FBI Agent Donald Ressler. Tom Keen was torn o whether he should adhere with Red and Liz or join the FBI for helping them to find the duo.

The hit series on NBC “The Blacklist” is considered to be aired on 24th September with “The Blacklist” season 3, where The Blacklist fans will know more about the relationship of Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen.

Boone has previously cautioned “The Blacklist” viewers that in the season 3, this very “crime drama” is going to be a bit slow.

In the season 2 finale, we also saw that Elizabeth Keen that is Liz is trying to run away from the FBI with Red and her former co-worker, Donald Ressler puts her name on the FBI’s Most Wanted file and removes Cooper from his rank. Liz was blamed for the assassination of a United States senator.

In the last season, we also got to know the reality of what happened during that night of the fire. But finally it turned out that Liz had murdered her father when she was just a child in order to protect her mother and Red was doing nothing but was simply trying to suppress that memory in order to protect her.

Jon Bokenkamp, the executive producer, said to “The Hollywood Reporter” that Red is heartbroken and instead of being heartbroken he has tried to do everything in this season. The very fact for trying to do everything is just simply to guard her against the awful truth that she came to know.

In season 3, the viewers will be able to see Liz and Red staying as fugitives and what are the other things are in store for them.

Bokenkamp also said that the plot of “The Blacklist” season 3 is something different, and it will show that Liz is no more an FBI agent, but they will be entering the third season as fugitives.