Scandal Season 5: Foley and Diaz Might Not Last the Season, Cornelius Becomes a Season Regular, And More

Scandal Season 5 is set to be back on television this September. Rhimes is well known for making sudden abrupt changes in the script in the very last minute and by the looks of it, she is ready to chuck off a few characters to give a different dimension to the thrilling series.

There are reports that Scott Foley and Kerry Washington isn’t getting along on the sets of Scandal. Foley being a senior actor would often try to guide Washington.

Washington is an actor who likes to do things on her own and didn’t want to be guided by someone else and this made things a little uncomfortable between the two of them.

Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes are good friends and this gave rise to rumors that Kerry will use her power to get Foley out of the series. This rumor was further given a push by the fact that there was news of Scott Foley’s character, Jake Ballard not making it till the end of Scandal Season 5.

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is set to start a new life with President Fitzgerald after Jake Ballad asks her to go ahead with the one she truly loves. This made fans speculate that Jake Ballard is set to die and he will not make it until the very end of the fifth season.

When Scott Foley was asked about his upcoming role in Scandal Season 5, he said that he is going to be back, but like all the other characters he doesn’t know what’s in store for his character since Shonda Rhimes likes to keep it a secret.

Jake Ballard was badly wounded by Rowan Pope’s men and there was no surety if he would make it to the end of the fourth season, but he somehow managed to make it to the Scandal Season 5. However, Foley has had a talk with Shonda Rhimes and has got an idea that the end of his character might be close.

Apart from Scott Foley’s Jake Ballard, it is believed that Guillermo Diaz’s Huck will also not make it to the end of Season 5. Huck was one of the most trusted Gladiators of Olivia Pope, until he decides to go ahead and work for her father Rowan Pope (Joe Morton).

Diaz said that after joining Rowan, Huck will be tormented by his conscience and might try to end his own life. However, Diaz pointed out that if he had been in Huck’s place he wouldn’t have spoken out the truth to Olivia because that would make matters worse.

He also added that if Huck does survive, there are chances that he will turn his back completely to Olivia and move on with the bad guys because it’s easier than coming face to face with Olivia Pope and confessing his crimes.

Joe Morton who plays the character of Rowan Pope has asked the fans to be ready for the unexpected in Scandal Season 5. The last season saw Rowan/Eli being finally put behind bars by his daughter Olivia Pope, but knowing who he is and the kind of powers he has, it is only a matter of time before his out of the prison following a charge of embezzlement.

However, Morton added that he himself isn’t aware of what’s to come in Scandal Season 5 because Rhimes never tells her actors what’s in store for them next. They find out what is happening next when they sit for the final reading.

TV Line has reported that Cornelius Smith Jr. who had appeared in Scandal previously has been promoted to a series regular from Scandal Season 5. Cornelius Smith Jr.’s character Marcus Walker had made such an impact in the two episodes he was a part of in Season 4 that Rhimes wanted him on board as a series regular.