Tesla CEO Elon Musk Hopes to Double Sales with Model X SUV, Russians Get Serious About Owning a Tesla, And More

Tesla Model X will start shipping sometime in the near future and market analysts are currently trying to predict the kind of effect it will have on the economic state of the corporation.  During a recent Tesla presentation, a slide implied that the next Model 3 could face a delay in its release.

The Tesla Model 3 will be designed to be an All-Electric vehicle for the mass market. However, if this is delayed, it will create a substantial impact on the release of Model X. In the meantime, Tesla has denied any kind of issues involving the Model 3. Thankfully, the company declared that any rumor involving a delay in production is a lie and not to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Elon Musk is entertaining really high hopes about the upcoming Model X SUV. The demand for sedans and SUVs are quite similar and with the Model X, Tesla believes in the potential of doubling its volume.

Musk told CNBC that if their upcoming Model X vehicle is well-received, a doubling of Tesla’s volume is bound to take place. The upcoming all-electric vehicle should prove to be a financial success since there are already 20,000 reservations, which is twice as much compared to that of Model S when it released back in 2012. The upcoming models from Tesla are already on their way to success.

In the meantime, Tesla issued statement confirming that the Model 3 is on its course to be revealed for the first time next year. After that, production will start in 2017. Although the company has declared that there won’t be any delays, the rumored gossips involving a Model 3 delay has increased the spotlight on the Model X. Right now, car enthusiasts are wondering how the Model X will fare out when it’s finally released.

According to the manufacturer, the target audience is primarily female and it will remain so. However, some of the design elements don’t really match with that declaration

In the vehicle’s design, you will notice falcon-wind doors that open up instead of out and that means it is impossible to place anything securely on the roof.

As a result, car analysts are wondering whether people will prefer an SUV or Crossover that doesn’t have the ability of carrying excess weight. Elon Musk was asked about updates on the upcoming zero-emission Tesla SUV, during the EV Maker’s shareholder conference.

He replied that everything is as it was, on schedule but according to ValueWalk, Musk declared that the Tesla SUV ‘is expected to ship by the end of summer’.  Tesla is trying to sell as many as 55,000 vehicles this year and the Model X will help in achieving its target sales volume.

In other news, the Model X could turn out to be the central focus of Tesla in future years as well. Apparently, there is a lot of pressure on the car manufacturer to deliver as many vehicles as possible. If there are any talks or rumors of cracks in its mass market appeal, it could have a significant impact on the future of Tesla.

Tesla has been experiencing a roller coaster ride since the last 18 months. However, any company wishes to establish firm ground and steady sense of stability, no matter how high it rose recently.

Tesla means business and this is clearly evident from the fact that this company has managed deliver itself as a serious player in the automobile industry. In a competitive marketplace like this, Tesla’s achievement is no less than phenomenal.

In Q2 2015, Tesla managed to deliver 11,507 Model S units. According to MLive, 21,552 units were delivered during the first half.

However, Model X was first seen in 2012 and right now it is about to get a rival from German Carmaker BMW. According to German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche through Green Car Reports, “Plans to build a BMW electric SUV at the company’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, are awaiting the board’s approval”.