Tesla CEO Elon Musk Hopes to Double Sales with Model X SUV, Russians Get Serious About Owning a Tesla, And More

BMW means business and has definitely decided to take things serious in the fast-growing EV market. In the future, gasoline-guzzling vehicles could become extinct and EV’s will be responsible for dethroning them.

Hence, any company with plans of bringing out an EV has already plans of creating a major impact on the current market. In the meantime, Russians are apparently pining for Tesla vehicles to be introduced in their nation.

An enthusiast named Andrey Vratskiy, a 33-year old software executive paid double the price of Tesla Model S in order to own one. He sold his BMW X6 for $75,000, bought the Model S in USA and spent $12000 in order to fly it to Moscow.

After reaching there, it cost him $50000 to clear customs.  He bought the Model S last summer and is currently shopping for a red one.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla Model X!