The Blacklist Season 3: Red And Liz On The Run, Paul Reuben To Be Back, And More Details

The fans of the popular series The Blacklist will be in for some interesting surprises. It looks like the show is going to be very different from the previous seasons. The Blacklist has always stuck to issues between characters that exceed beyond a single episode and the series has always followed a new crime every week.

It has always managed a fine balance between the villains and the mysterious relationship shared by Red and Lizzie. With Season 3 on its way, NBC has come up with a change of plans in their format for the show.

According to International Business Times producer John Eisendrath has said in an interview to TV Line that The Blacklist Season 3 is going to follow a new format. With Liz (Megan Boone) and Red (James Spader) on the run, the television series will deviate from the formula that they have been following so far.

The writers have confirmed that the show will still be dealing with the blacklisters, but with the main characters running away from the law enforcement agencies and going into hiding, The Blacklist Season 3 is going to have a different feel.

The changed dynamics in the upcoming season will be because of the sudden change in personal equations. There will be a large number of characters who were working with Liz and Red so far, but with Liz murdering the top brass in the investigative bodies and opening a can of worms, most of these people are now out to hunt Liz and Red.

Red is now back to where he belongs and he will bring in a plethora of criminals who are also on the run from the law and they will provide Liz and him a place to hide. There will be a lot of tension brewing between the two groups and each of the sides has a different motif for getting Liz arrested.

Eisendrath said that the writers are going to make Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) be the guy who is going to do all it takes to bring Red and Liz in. Red and Liz on the other hand have realized that in order to clear Liz’s name and to prove it to the FBI, they will need to go ahead and face some of the blacklisters and that is what they are going to be doing in The Blacklist Season 3.

Fans are of the opinion that given the way the plot is expected to unravel, it could be that Liz and Red are on the run in the major chunk of the season and not just in the premiere episode. The two are going to need a little time to figure out how they will out-smart the Cabal and clear Liz’s name.

In order to escape the FBI and Ressler, Liz is set to wear a blonde wig in The Blacklist Season 3, while Red is donning a baseball cap. The new trailer for the upcoming season shows what appears to be somewhere in a Spanish speaking country, where Liz and Red are hiding. In a leaked photo of The Blacklist Season 3, the two were also shown to pose as cops to escape a tight spot.

For the fans of The Blacklist who think that Season 3 will disclose all the scoops about the relationship shared between Red and Liz, will be slightly disappointed. According to Cinema Blend, the 22 episodes in The Blacklist Season 3 will deal with some answers, but for now the show will focus primarily on trying to clear Liz’s name with the FBI.