The Blacklist Season 3: Liz is on the Run, Will Red Keep Her Safe? We’ll See

The experiences in her life harden her and she becomes jaded and careful. In order words she starts resembling Reddington in more ways than one. Red feels disappointed that after all he was doing to protect Liz from the Cabal doesn’t work out, she ultimately finds things out.

However, Bokenkamp added that Liz is no longer a FBI agent and the journey they are going to have now is going to be very different. They go through the world as fugitives now.

Bokenkamp gave a hint of what the fans can expect from The Blacklist Season 3. He said that the mission of Liz’s life now will be to hunt down Ressler. He also added that in spite of the fact that Liz and Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) have slept together, they are not going to end up in a romantic relationship.

Spoiler TV has hinted that the episode title might hint at a “farmer” in Red’s contact who will keep Liz and him safe from the FBI. Red is no stranger to the criminal world and with him beside her Liz will be able to survive well and keep the FBI at bay.

Megan Boone has told Zap2it that with The Blacklist Season 3 the show will change its dynamics a bit. With 22 episodes a season it helps to have a formulaic pattern, but with the way the plot is shaping up, the characters will remain the same, only the dynamics will change.

NBC has announced that The Blacklist Season 3 will premiere in September. View this page for more information on the show.