The Blacklist Season 3: Liz is on the Run, Will Red Keep Her Safe? We’ll See

The title and synopsis of The Blacklist Season 3 episode 1 has been announced. The name of the episode is going to be The Troll Farmer. The synopsis of the episode is up on IMDB and it reads that a particular CIA analyst, who had a desk job, will volunteer to go out on the field and try to infiltrate into the world of arm dealers in an attempt to avoid a disaster.

James Spader who plays the character of Reddington on The Black List has said in a new promo that the first season for season 3 of The Blacklist is likely to start on the same day as the finale of the second season. He also added that the first episode will stump the viewers completely.

The teaser for The Blacklist that Global had released doesn’t contain any new clips from the new season, but has teasers from different members of the cast like Megan Boone, James Spader and Ryan Eggold.

The actors don’t say anything that the viewers already don’t know. They give us a picture of how chaotic the situation is and that Liz Keen (Megan Boone) is on the run. What viewers want to find out is that they hope that Liz can be part of the show in the manner in which she used to be.

Reddington played by James Spader has always been an evil component and in the teaser too, he poked fun at the viewers. He tells them that the fun would be to watch how all the current scenes fit together to give the final picture.

While The Blacklist Season 3 is going to answer to a lot of cliff-hangers, the fans hope that the basic essence of the show isn’t spoiled now that Liz is on the run. The viewers feel that the real charm in the series is the interaction that Liz and Reddington have and that shouldn’t be compromised on.

In The Blacklist Season 2 finale the viewers saw Elizabeth Keen killing the US Attorney General Tom Connolly (Reed Birney) after she confronted him for framing her for the murder of Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), the Director of a branch of the FBI. Connolly kills Cooper on the orders of the Cabal and then frames Liz for poisoning him. Liz gets an idea of it and ends up shooting Connolly.

Liz has had a very tormenting life because she would get flashes of a childhood memory where she saw herself shooting at her father when her parents are arguing one day and this incident where she shoots Connolly triggers off this memory in her.

Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), who is a senior agent in the FBI and an ex-colleague of Liz’s places her in the FBI list of Most Wanted and replaces Cooper as the director of the agency. With everyone turning against her, Liz has to run before she can prove herself.

Joe Bokenkamp, the executive producer of The Blacklist told The Hollywood Reporter that season finale of The Blacklist Season 2 needed months of work. With the third season picking off from where the season 2 ended, viewers will get to see how Liz undergoes a change.