Left 4 Dead 3 is Most Likely Being Developed on Valve’s Source 2 Engine!

Valve has been totally involved with the development of multiplayer titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, in short, basically all of its games in the Steam Platform. The continuing trend of Valve is making gamers and critics expect that Valve will finally launch the multiplayer zombie shooter game, Left 4 Dead 3.

In fact, people are expecting more it more, compared to the almost-mythical Half Life 3. There have been reports suggesting that Valve is currently focusing their attention of the development of multiplayer titles.

On top of that, there are presentations slides showing that levels in Left 4 Dead 2 are being remade using the Source 2 Engine and this said engine is currently under production at Valve. Another thing is that, Valve has definitely noticed the absence of good cooperative shooters in the market these days.

As a result, this would certainly make Left 4 Dead 3 an awesome title to join the multiplayer FPS gaming scene. The Left 4 Dead series promise a great gaming experience since this is a game you can play with your friends instead of against them.

In most games, players play against their friends but things are different in case of this franchise. Ironically, the only other multiplayer first-person shooter title which offers such an experience is the Payday franchise and it’s very popular on Valve’s Steam gaming platform.

The first two games in the Left 4 Dead series were developed under a collaboration of Valve and Turtle Rock Studios. Turtle Rock Studios decided to give up their Left 4 Dead ownership in February this year.

Right now, gamers expect Valve to release the next title but they have been eerily silent so far. Reports suggest that if it comes out, Left 4 Dead 3 will certainly be using the Source 2 Engine, allowing it to feature faster and better performing visuals and markedly improved gameplay.

For those who are unaware, Left 4 Dead is a franchise that follows the story of two sets of survivors. These survivors must defend themselves and protect their own against the outbreak of unknown virus gives rise to violent behaviors and mutations among infected humans. This title was released in 2008 and the sequel was released next year.

There are more exciting reports which indicate that Valve has been working on Left 4 Dead 3 for quite a long time, using the Source 2 Engine. It is of no doubt that Source 2 Engine is definitely faster and better than its predecessor.

As a result, Left 4 Dead 3 should have a detailed graphics engine due to the presence of Vulcan Graphics AP in the Source 2 Engine. Valve decided to replace the outdated content authoring tools and start the development of Source 2 Engine back in 2012.

As a company, Valve has transformed greatly ever since the amazing single-player experiences they made for us in PC. Right now, Valve is a company that owns one of the biggest eSports titles in the world. With a lot of console games excluding itself from the PC, Valve has created an amazing PC platform which has transformed the gaming industry.

Recently Gabe Newell declared that Valve is directly progressing into a developer that focuses only on multiplayer experiences. According to him, the fan base that surrounds multiplayer titles is always more engaging and rewarding. The wave of excitement that a multiplayer title brings along with the years of engagement it offers is really rewarding in nature.

As a result, Valve recent interests and the success involving multiplayer titles, it is highly doubtful that Left 4 Dead 3 will ever release.  Gabe Newell is presently one of the wealthiest people in the video gaming industry with a net worth of over 1 billion dollars.