Left 4 Dead 3 is Most Likely Being Developed on Valve’s Source 2 Engine!

This is primarily due to the fact that his online gaming platform is the one that makes or breaks games on PC. Dota 2 and Portal 2 are the last two online games that Valve has developed for PC.

As a result, if Half Life 3 is ever made, things will be quite different than what you’ve been expecting so far. Of course, there will be marked improvements in graphics, gameplay and the likes but it could focus heavily on a multiplayer/online experience which the long-time fans of this series, might not prefer.

In the meantime, Left 4 Dead is an awesome single-player franchise but the game truly excels when gamers from all around the world form a team to kick some zombie ass.

Earlier, Phil Robb of Turtle Rock studios declared that their partnership with Valve has come to an end and they would focus on Evolve.

What are your thoughts on Left 4 Dead 3? Do you think it will ever release, similar to what we currently think about Half-Life 3? Let us know via the Comments Section below.

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