The Blacklist Season 3: Air Date and Spoilers Surface, Season 2 Finale Recap!

How can one love another so deeply in spite of the circumstances, especially when the circumstances are mysterious?  Nevertheless, it seems like Boone knows how Liz’s love for Red is not actually romantic in nature.

Fans are wondering if this is because of the connection with her mother. In the meantime iDigitalTimes reported several possible theories regarding the relationship between Red and Liz. One theory states that Red could be her real father and other states how Katarina and Red are siblings. As a result, it could be revealed that Red has been protecting Liz due to their blood connection.

Viewers are getting pretty excited about The Blacklist Season 3 as Megan Boone revealed Season 3 is going to have the same set of characters but it will be a more dynamic and different show. The Blacklist Season 3 will premiere on NBC in this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Blacklist Season 3!