The Blacklist Season 3: Air Date and Spoilers Surface, Season 2 Finale Recap!

It will be a few more months before the NBC crime-television drama, The Blacklist returns for its third season.  Fans are now wondering whether Liz Keen, played by Megan Moore, will discover why she and Red (James Spader) are always connected.

According to reports from Christian Today, fans saw that Liz finally reminiscences many essential facts regarding her actual identity in the season 2 finale of The Blacklist. Her memory was activated when she fired at the unscrupulous Attorney General Tom Connolly, played by Reed Birney.

It seems like Liz was the one responsible for killing her father in order to defend her mother Katrina, when she was just a child. However, there is no further information regarding what happened to her mother since then. Meanwhile, The Blacklist fans have also been wondering why Red has a photo of Liz’s mother in his own apartment.

This could be the connection that regarding the connection that is established between Red and Liz. Earlier, the audience for the popular NBC Crime-television drama, The Blacklist, thought that both of these characters will be romantically involved. However, right now it seems that Liz has developed feelings for his fake husband Tom Keen, played by Ryan Eggold.

According to Ecumenical news, there will be a development of an odd love triangle between Liz Keen, Tom Keen and Raymond Reddington. Fans are currently fantasizing a special relationship between Red and Liz and Megan Boone revealed how their love is kind of confusing in nature.

Meanwhile, since the season 2 finale, it was crystal clear that Liz is in love with Tom. In case you missed it, here are some spoilers. It started with Elizabeth Keen interrogated by two FBI agents, who are aware of her real name, Masha Rastova and also know about her Russian birth. Red manages to use his influence in order to cut the power to FBI headquarters and make sure that Cooper is rescued from there.

Liz further joins up with Tom as they go after a Russian Spy named Andropov. However, the men from Cabal kill Andropov before the two can reach him.  In the end, Liz and Tom admit their feelings and end up spending a romantic night together.

During an interview with Zap2it, Boone revealed that she is not quite sure as to what her character really feels about Red. The actress declared to the publication that she thinks the people can notice how much Red loves her and this is a confusing kind of love. She further added that this will have to be answered.