The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Jim Parsons’ Idea to Make Sheldon And Amy Share The Intimate Moment!

When Dr. Gallo finally prescribes the drugs from Penny’s pharmaceutical company, she refuses to ingest them because she says that she will have side effects surmounting to homicidal rage. This is sure to place Penny in a tight spot and may even jeopardize her job.

Sheldon, on the other hand, is going to try and keep himself busy so that he doesn’t meet Amy as she is away for a neurobiology conference. He teams up with Raj to find a new planet, but ends up finding an asteroid, which they then name Amy.

The fans of The Big Bang Theory will be aware of the Soft Kitty song that Sheldon’s meemaw used to sing for him. However, it looks like CBS had gotten into a tight fix over it since Ellen Newlin Chase and Margaret Chase Perry have filed a copyright case against the studio.

They claim that the song was written by their mother Edith Newlin in 1937 and is part of a collection called Songs for the Nursery School.

The song was copyrighted in 1937 and again in 1964 and CBS has been using it without their permission. The Sydney Morning Herald stated that Bill Prady, one of the creative head of TBBT was credited with the words for Soft Kitty.

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