The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Jim Parsons’ Idea to Make Sheldon And Amy Share The Intimate Moment!

One of the most popular characters on The Big Bang Theory is that of Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons. Sheldon is going to get to your nerves, but you can’t help but love him in spite of all his idiosyncrasies.

Fans of the popular CBS sitcom will be able to trace how the character has changed over the course of time. Sheldon has become almost a normal human from an out and out nerd.

The Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, Steve Molaro told Design & Trend that it was in fact, Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Sheldon who suggested that it was time for Sheldon and Amy to take their relationship to the new level.

Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory has always been very vocal about how ridiculous it was for two human beings to come so close physically since it would cause germs to transfer between them, but it was actually Jim Parsons who finally said that it was time for Sheldon to have coitus with Amy Fowler (Mayim Bialik) in The Big Bang Theory Season 9.

Sheldon let go of his uptight and weird self for a change and made a big effort to not only win over Amy but also gave his all in to make her birthday a very special day for her.

Molaro said that the first spark for Sheldon’s initiative came from Professor Proton, but the viewers will appreciate the fact that it wasn’t forced on the character. The incident occurred naturally and the timing was just perfect.

Molaro said that the team had been thinking for a long time that they have to make Amy and Sheldon take the next step to in their relationship, but they didn’t want to rush anything.

Sheldon and Amy have been in a relationship for five and a half years in The Big Bang Theory and with the decision that Amy took to break up, the fact that Sheldon wanted to make a grand gesture to win her back made sense.

Sheldon isn’t someone who would be pressured into doing something he isn’t comfortable with and it wouldn’t have been justified with Sheldon had decided to get into bed with Amy only because she wanted it from him.

The show-runner harped on the fact that they wanted the incident to come naturally and shouldn’t have been projected as something that Sheldon was forced into doing.

The first half of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 focused primarily on Amy and Sheldon, but when the show returns, the next half will be focused on Penny (Kaley Cuoco) Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

Christian Today reported that when the show returns for the second half of Season 9, viewers will see Penny and Leonard headed to marriage counseling. It is not like the newlyweds have some issues and are going to talk to Dr. Sarita Gallo (Jane Kaczmarek).

Penny, who became a pharmaceutical rep in The Big Bang Theory Season 8 will force Leonard to go to Dr. Sarita Gallo as a client because she wouldn’t entertain Penny when the former had gone to her office on a sales call.

The funny incident is, although Leonard is supposed to sit for the counseling sessions on his own, Penny soon realizes that she is sitting with Leonard for the sessions. To top it up, Dr. Gallo reveals that Penny has anxiety issues and that she is like a mother figure for Leonard and not his wife.