Consumer Electronics Show 2016: A List of Innovations to Expect at The Upcoming Show!

Consumer Electronics Show or the CES is an international electronics and technology trade show which brings together renowned companies and industry professionals under one roof.

The show is held every year in the month of January at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The show is organized by Consumer Electronics Association and it was inaugurated back in June 1967.

With 2015 coming to an end, time is nearing for another edition of the immensely popular CES. Here is a short list of what to expect from the upcoming edition of CES which is the CES 2016.

CES 2016 is expected to showcase a lot of different types of cars. Automotive Technology will indeed be a big part of the upcoming event and it is being rumored that a lot of exciting deals are to be announced in it.

Faraday Future is set to introduce its first concept vehicle at the CES 2016. The company will apparently begin large-scale production of the vehicle by 2020 at a factory located in Las Vegas.

Another big news related to the Automotive Industry states that Ford is set to join forces with Alphabet’s and these two companies will be working in collaboration to develop a self-driven car which will be announced at the CES 2016 event.

Other big companies like BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Toyota are also geared up to make their presence felt at the event. Various rumors are suggesting that these companies will introduce new technologies for their cars which might include the likes of new and better in-car connectivity features and advanced car entertainment systems.

Quite a number of new smartphones are also expected to launch at the upcoming event. The Mobile World Congress is fast losing its reputation as the best event to launch mobile phones. That being said, CES is gradually taking over as the best event for the introduction of brand new smartphones.

LG, Asus and Acer all showed off their new smartphones at the CES event last year and it is being speculated that the CES 2016 too will attract major smartphone manufacturing companies from all over the world who will reveal their brand new devices at the event.

A lot of Chinese companies like Huawei are expected to make their presence felt by showcasing their latest offerings at CES 2016.

The concept of Smart Homes is fast becoming popular among common people and the CES 2016 is likely to introduce a host of new products related to these Smart Homes. The CES 2015 highlighted a number of smart products that could be used in real life and unsurprisingly, these products were able to find a lot of takers among the common public.

People are starting to like the idea of being able to use their smartphone to operate their gadgets. The possibility of saving energy and money by the automatizing of different day to day tasks like switching off TVs and lights and other simple tasks are drawing more number of people towards the concept of Smart Homes.

A number of gadgets connected by the internet will be put on display at the CES 2016 along with TVs, cameras, home security systems etc. According to a report form a renowned site, Tech giant, LG is eyeing the CES 2016 as the perfect platform to launch its Signature appliances and home entertainment range.

Smarter versions of regular-use devices like refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners will also be revealed at the event.

Virtual Reality headsets will also be a key player at the upcoming event. Big companies like Sony and HTC are developing various VR gadgets and the CES 2016 will definitely be a great opportunity for these companies to unveil their VR techs.

The PlayStation VR is a long anticipated gadget and it is expected to hit the market soon and thus it is likely that Sony might decide to reveal the device at the event.