Consumer Electronics Show 2016: A List of Innovations to Expect at The Upcoming Show!

A lot of curiosity has been building up around HTC’s VR headset- the HTC Vibe. It was scheduled to make an appearance in the current year but failed to do so.

HTC stated that the developers have been able to make a major breakthrough with the device and this has resulted in the delay in the launch of it. The Taiwanese company is expected to shed more light on the whole matter at the CES 2016.

Computer chips will also find a place for themselves at the show and it is being speculated that several chips for different purposes like self- driving, navigation are set to see the light of the day at the event.

Companies like Qualcomm will portray show cars which will highlight the power of advanced computer chips that can incorporate a lot of new and improved features to modern day vehicles.

CES 2016 will span over an enormous area of 2.4 million square feet and is the attendance mark is expected to be even higher than the last year’s event which fetched a total attendance of 177,000 people.

Stay tuned for more update on Consumer Electronics Show 2016.