The Bachelorette 2015: Promises Intense Drama and Suspense, More Details

The Bachelorette 2015 finale will show who won the heart of Kaitlyn Bristowe. There are reports that season eleven of The Bachelorette will not be like the previous season. The 2015 season of the ABC reality show has seen a lot of drama and the spoilers only shows how much more intense it is set to become.

There are rumors that The Bachelorette 2015 will not see any winners. Reality Steve has always revealed the name of the winner even before the bachelorette herself announces it and viewers were shocked when he said that this season will have no winners.

The final rose ceremony will see Kaitlyn Bristowe choosing between her final two suitors, Nick Viall and Shawn Booth. However, it is believed that she will leave the rose ceremony before the decision since she realises that she doesn’t want to choose either of them. She leaves the two guys heartbroken and heads out to Canada without an engagement ring.

While this speculation has stirred a lot of excitement, there are some who still think that maybe Reality Steve is off on his predictions this time. Yes, the blogger has never been wrong in his prediction till date, but there are chances that Kaitlyn is engaged to either Shawn or Nick right now.

The motives behind Kaitlyn Bristowe in The Bachelorette were always doubtful. Numerous viewers feel that Kaitlyn chose this platform to become famous and get a fortune. She had no intention of marrying from the start and was just using the reality series to get a chance to interact and meet different men and create a name for herself.

Some viewers believe that she isn’t ready to commit to a single guy let alone marrying and settling down with one. In spite of the rumors that The Bachelorette will end with no winners, the hype surrounding the reality show hasn’t died down. Fans are still interested to see who gets the rose and who doesn’t in the elimination rounds.

Nick Viall has drama no matter what he does. Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelorette 2015 has gone ahead to reveal to Yahoo! TV that Nick Viall is going to start making himself in the show and will watch the others going out the door.The crew will be heading out to Texas with Nick Viall and there is a lot of tension surrounding his arrival.