Scandal Season 5: New Life For Pope And Fitz, Lizzie In A New Position, Huck’ Future Unsure, And More Details

With Scandal set to return, fans are speculating about what’s in store for Scandal Season 5. The new season is only going to return in the fall, but the buzz surrounding the popular show is already pretty huge. This interest has only been fuelled with numerous spoilers and leaks.

Scandal had first premiered in 2012. A political thriller, the show focuses on Olivia Pope and her firm that manages crisis as they navigate the political set up on Washington DC. The show is based loosely on Judy Smith, who was the press aide to former president George H.W Bush. Scandal had a slow start, but with the interesting plot-line the show has picked up a huge following.

Season 4 of the show ended with a large number of questions and the fans are desperately waiting for Season 5 to get those answers. The most important aspect of the plot that the viewers are waiting for is the development in the relationship between President Fitzgerald and Olivia Pope.

Season 4 of Scandal saw the US president (Tony Goldwyn) ending things with the First Lady Millie (Bellamy Young). On the other side, the episode saw Jake (Scott Foley) letting go of Olivia (Kerry Washington) so that she can start a new life with Fitzgerald.

While the romantic and personal side of his life seems to be sorted, President Fitzgerald has a lot up his sleeves when it comes to his professional front. There are a lot of threats to the White House. Venture Capital Post has revealed that the new Chief of Staff, Elizabeth North played by Portia de Rossi will make things very difficult for Cyrus and Mellie.

Elizabeth North had been kicked around by Mellie and in Scandal Season 5 she will be out to avenge it. In a recent interview, Portia de Rossi revealed that her character had had enough and now it is time for a payback.

Guillermo Diaz spoke to TV Line recently about his character Huck. It was revealed in Season 4 that Huck is working with Olivia’s father Rowan Pope (Joe Morton). Huck had murdered the grand jury who was to hear Jake’s confession in Scandal Season 4 and the Gladiator is well aware of this and has a gun on his head.