Square Enix Plans to Unveil Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2015, Gamers Expect New Characters to Be Introduced, And More Information

Square Enix is keeping quiet, but there are rumors suggesting the name of the secret title to be unveiled in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo to be held in Los Angeles, next week. It is none other than the crossover role-playing game, Kingdom Hearts 3. Reports suggest that Square Enix will hold a press conference at E3 2015 on 16th June, and it is being expected that they will make an announcement regarding one of their upcoming video game titles.

The single hint given by the developer is through a cryptic image file on the email invite it sent out. It shows the Atlantic Ocean with gray and black with various countries that have been blurred out, reports the Latin Times.

Meanwhile, skeptics suggest that last month reports indicated that Square Enix will be launching Kingdom Hearts 3 at the Japan version of the E3 Expo, scheduled on 6th to 8th November at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

It is expected that this event will draw more Disney fans than at the E3 2015. Kingdom Hearts 3 is just a single game in the vast list of upcoming titles from Square Enix, like “Final Fantasy XV,” “Hitman,” “XIV: Heavensward,” “Deus Ex: Manking,” “Star Ocean 5” and possibly more titles.

As a result, the game being unveiled or launched at E3 is a long shot? Kingdom Hearts fans are excited as the third installment will be the first game in this franchise, to be released on the present generation consoles of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The predecessors in this series were exclusive to the PlayStation console only.

Square Enix is yet to comment on a tentative release date for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 and for now the fans and gamers are quite preoccupied with major speculations. The present rumors suggest that Square Enix will divulge more details other than a gameplay trailer at the Japan D23 Expo to be held in November this year.

Certain sources indicate that there are discussions of a mobile version as well. Tetsuya Nomura, the Game Director, confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be revealed in the Japan Event. The game is likely to release on the next generation gaming consoles in the first half of 2016.

Ever since last month, there have been discussions going around the possible Disney character or characters to be featured in the upcoming crossover action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts 3.