The Amazing Spider Man 3 Set to Get a Marvel Treatment, End of The Garfield Run!

Sony had big plans for Spider-Man in two of their ventures but was thoroughly disappointed. With new projects like Sinister Six, Sony is going all out to make sure that the fans accept Spider-Man as a hero in the way they have done with Iron Man and the Avengers.

The first Amazing Spider-Man movie was a great hit with a total worldwide box-office collection of over $403,706,370. The subsequent movies under the same banner failed to make a significant mark at the box-office. The critics claimed the fault lay in putting in too many villains and not providing them with a proper background along with a rather flimsy plot.

All things put together; The Amazing Spider-Man had hit its all-time low, and fans of Spider-Man now wait for the upward beat of the series post the collaboration between Sony and Marvel. It is time to see the wall-crawler climb new heights in the coming years.

The initial release date of July 28, 2017 is been targeted to feature the premier of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 as reported by Hollywood Reporter.