The Affair Season 3: Noah to Take the Blame for The Murder, Helen Might Speak Up, Alison to End Up Alone, And More!

The Affair Season 3 is set to show a shocking turn of events when Noah (Dominic West) will decide to take the blame for the murder of Scotty (Colin Donnell) on his shoulders. It was actually Helen (Maura Tierney) who was driving the car when it hit Scotty as he was pushed on the road by Alison (Ruth Wilson). However, Noah decided to step up to save his ex-wife or his current partner Alison from taking the blame.

It was Noah who was driving the car that hit Scotty, but right before the stretch where the accident had taken place, Helen had opted to drive. Alison was also a party to this murder in that case since she pushes a very drunk Scotty onto the road when he tried to rape her.

With Noah heading to prison there are chances that Helen might decide to speak up. Noah and Helen did connect in the finale of The Affair Season 2 and there was a desire in both of them to come back to each other. Noah had felt guilty for the way he had treated her.

He was so focused on Alison and the roaring romance he had with her that he never stopped to think how Helen might have felt to see her husband with another woman. Helen had always maintained her composure and had continued to live with their children, while Noah had roaring affairs and revealed that they were pregnant with his baby.

Alison had informed Noah that the baby girl that he had been thinking to be his own, wasn’t so. This information shakes him up and he realizes how badly he had treated Helen. Noah feels that taking the blame of the murder on his shoulder, he can make up to Helen all the way in which he has hurt her.

The upcoming season of The Affair will deal with this plot line. It will show Noah on a mission to rectify his mistake and his attempt to try and make up for the way he had treated and abandoned his family for the sake of the affair with Alison.

Helen isn’t going to take things so lightly. She is a very strong character and Christian Today has hinted at the fact that she might not keep shut about the truth.

Maura Tierney spoke to Variety about her character and the plot line that will be dealt with. She said that Helen is actually very weak even though she has always tried to put up a very strong façade. She is currently struggling to come to terms with the situation that Scotty’s murder puts them in.

Tierney added that Helen doesn’t know how to deal with the difficult aspects of life. Tierney hopes that Helen will be able to put herself together and show some strength of character in the way she handles a tough situation. Tierney recently won the Golden Globe for the portrayal of Helen’s character and The Affair Season 3 will only give her character more scope to shine.

The last episode of The Affair Season 2 had ended only six weeks ago and fans are desperately trying to find out what is store next for the main four characters. With Noah reacting in a negative way after finding out that Joanie isn’t his daughter, things might not look good for Alison.

Her ex-husband Cole (Joshua Jackson) has already married Luisa (Catalina Sandino) and there is a chance that Noah is going to end up with Helen after the betrayal, this just indicates that poor Alison might end up alone.