The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Gears Up for Adventure, Fuel Efficiency Increased Along with Better Performance, And More

However, the Tacoma is made unique with the looks contributing to only half of it. Under the hood, you will notice the old 2.7-litre four cylinder is available yet again, on some of the base models. Fuel efficiency and performance is increased with the new V6 which replaces the 4.0-litre.

Meanwhile, D-4S port- and direct-injection system is used by the new 3.5liter engine, in order to generate a massive 278 HP. The Atkinson cycle on the engine runs at low RPMs in order to increase fuel efficiency.

The fuel efficiency is further affected by 12 per cent better aerodynamics and the well-maintained 9.4inches of ground clearance.

It features a lockable damped tailgate and it is stamped and reinforced with Tacoma on the back. The noise has been reduced by 43% and the new cabin is considerably quieter.

Other features include wireless charging, dual zone auto climate, supportive seats, blind spot monitoring and a smart key system with push-button start.

In the meantime, Competition Tacoma will move to their new location at Highbury and Fanshawe Park Roads. In order to reflect the move, the name will be changed to North London Tacoma.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2016 Toyota Tacoma!