The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Gears Up for Adventure, Fuel Efficiency Increased Along with Better Performance, And More

2016 Toyota Tacoma is a rugged and highly durable pickup truck which comes with more power and improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor, along with a built-in GoPro camera mount which is located next to the rearview mirror, in order to capture any form of adventure.

The new V6 engine in the 2016 Toyota Tacoma features a massive 278 HP, which has been increased by 42 BHP from the V6 last year.

Right now, the latest Tacoma is capable of towing up to 6800 pounds of trailer, camper or boat. Gasoline mileage and overall fuel efficiency have been highly optimized with the new V-6’s Atkinson cycle operation. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab averaged around 21mpg combined city, highway and country road travel.

This is, in fact, better than the Federal Government’s set estimate of 20mpg. With a full, single21.1 gallon tank of fuel, the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma can keep going for more than 440 miles.

The new vehicle features a six-speed automatic and a manual transmission is also available. This includes either the V6 or the 159 horsepower four-cylinder engine, which is actually a carryover from the 2015 Tacoma.

Keep in mind that the new Tacoma runs on gasoline and there is no option for diesel. The base 2016 Toyota Tacoma model is priced at $24,200 which is the suggested retail price from the manufacturer, including destination charge as well.

This is a rear-wheel drive model and it comes with an SR Access Cab with rear seats standard, four-cylinder engine, and automatic transmission along with a 6-foot long bed.

There are clamshell-like side doors and reduced-size rear seats in the Access Cab model. Compared to that, the Double Cab model features four full-size side doors and a full-size bench back seat.

The 2016 Double Cab model is available at a price of $25,030 for an SR model with a 5-foot-long short bed, rear-wheel drive, automatic transmission, and four-cylinder engine.

Once you see the latest 2016 Toyota Tacoma, you will immediately notice the highly muscular fender flares, a taller hood, a grille that highly resembles the full-size Tundra Truck from Toyota and it has newer wheel designs as well. Similar to the Tundra, Tacoma’s name is stamped on the tailgate.

In the interior, the changes are more apparent and this includes a 6.1-inch touchscreen dashboard display that includes a useful backup camera.

Bluetooth hands-free phone and music streaming connectivity are now standard on every Tacoma. It comes with at least one USB 2.0 port along with Apple’s Siri Eyes Free software.

Although the front seats of the Tacoma double cab are trimmed in leather, they don’t provide the much-needed support for a longer trip. There was not a lot of thigh support with the seat cushions for front and back seats being short.

However, when all’s said and done, the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma comes with a fresh heart, equipped in new chiseled armor and comes with an interior that is much more sophisticated than anything in its class.

According to Kevin Laurie, general manager of Competition Toyota, it has been the top-selling mid-size truck in North America for the last decade.

Compared to the other trucks, the rugged design in 2016 Toyota Tacoma has comparatively more value. However, the trademark look of the Tacoma has made it through all these years and the latest model is no different.

Compared to a full-sized truck, this is much easier to drive and its size is considered perfect by many. It can be used for towing up to 2,950 kilograms or holding up to 735 kilograms. On some of the models of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, the bulldog face gets simple projector lamps along with LED running lights.