Tetsuya Nomura Reveals That Kingdom Hearts III Will Feature New Worlds!

This is also consistent with the rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the final game in this franchise. Further rumors have revealed that there will be a stage based on the mobile version of the game Kingdom Hearts X. These reports indicate that Daybreak Town Stage of Kingdom Hearts X will be included in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

Meanwhile, a great number of questions faced by Nomura, pertained to ‘Nobody’s’ which looked like one of the highlights in the teaser trailer. The ‘Nobody’ was seen with a scythe and flower petals and one brave fan asked Nomura about the design of this character.

He asked Nomura about Nobody being a former Organization member. Nomura answered the question in the best manner possible without revealing the essential details involving this character. However, he soon reverted by asking fans to wait for the promotional products that will launch soon.

Nomura was asked by another fan whether the return of the Heartless and Nobody was a sign that they would play major roles as enemies. He also asked whether more enemies would be making an appearance.

Nomura stated, “I want to make it so that you can tell who had come to that world by the enemies that appear there,” “I am thinking of the enemy types as a part of the total production this time.” According to the latter statement, there should be more enemy types in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Kingdom Hearts 3!

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