Tekken 7: Release Date, Trailers and Gameplay Revealed, Nina Williams Confirmed in the Lineup!

It was earlier hinted during a previous debut trailer that Akuma knew the Mishima matriarch, Kazumi. Besides Akuma, no other cross characters has been confirmed for Bandai Namco. According to Bandai, adding one fighter is enough as adding a lot of them will throw off the game’s world and story, as noted by GameSpot.

Last year, Tekken 7 was released as an arcade title in Japan and there were some location tests done for this title, in North America. It has been confirmed by Bandai Namco that “Tekken 7” and its “Fated Retribution” update will also be released on the PlayStation 4 console. However, the roll-out dates for these next two releases are yet to be set.

Video Publisher Bandai Namco will be conducting location tests for its upcoming Tekken 7 game. The details of its upcoming location testing were officially revealed in the Japanese website.

The test will be held from 12th February, Friday to 14th February, Sunday at various select locations. People who wish to take a sneak peek at Tekken 7 can experience it at three Japanese arcades. It will be tested at Namco Sugamo in Tokyo, at Round One Stadium Sennichimae arcade in Osaka, and at Namco’s Hakata Bus Terminal arcade in Fukuoka.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tekken 7!