Tekken 7: Release Date, Trailers and Gameplay Revealed, Nina Williams Confirmed in the Lineup!

At the PlayStation event in Paris Games Week, Tekken 7 was announced as one of the biggest games and it was welcomed by cheers from the crowd. 20 years after the original Tekken was ported to the PlayStation, this game has been designed to be the last in the series. It will include the conclusion of the Mishima Clan Saga.

According to the Bandai Namco Community Manager, the game will be pretty dark. Those who have seen the announcement trailer have already expressed their feelings towards the graphics of this game. It has been considered to be nothing short of brilliant.

Tekken 7 is being created using Unreal Engine 4 and this will help to produce highly detailed characters, reactive environments and impressive dynamics.

In reality, Unreal Engine 4 is also the engine that is being used to develop Virtual Reality games. It has also been confirmed that the upcoming Tekken 7 will be launched on PlayStation VR. The Bandai Namco Community manager, Gaëtan Gireme has already declared that we can expect to see new fighters along with the ones that have already been prevalent in the series.

He said, “In addition to the great graphics, as demonstrated in this awesome announcement trailer, many new characters will join the fight.” Kazumi Mishima is one of the latest new additions to Tekken 7.

According to reports, he is the wife of Heichachi Mishima, also known as Kazuya’s Mother. Akuma and Nina Williams have recently been declared as additions to the arcade variant of Tekken 7, Fated Retribution.

In the present era, the games being released are incredibly beautiful to look at and furthermore, they have become smarter and much more diverse in nature. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has an entire section dedicated to video games as burgeoning artistic museum.

Ben Gilbert of Tech Insider recently voiced his opinion regarding Nina Williams, who is a tough combatant in the Tekken game series.

She is one of the eight original characters and even had her own PlayStation 2 game called Death by Degrees. According to him, it seems like after all those years, it is ridiculous to look at Nina being hyper sexualized in this title.

He says that it is downright ridiculous to see a tough, cold-blooded Irish assassin to wear something extremely skimpy while kicking ass in a street fight.

Currently, there are more than half of game console owners who are women and much fewer of them identifies themselves as gamers compared to the male gamers. The representation of characters like Nina Williams doesn’t help either.

However, the good news for hardcore fans of the Tekken franchise is that Nina Williams has been added to the roster. Shoryuken reported that Bandai Namco announced in the recent EVO 2016 how one of the fighters will be included in the Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Update. It is none other than Nina Williams.

There is a new gameplay trailer for the fighter known as ‘The Bride’ and it showcases Nina’s amazing skills. According to Polygon, the inclusion of Nina Williams will be an amazing treat for all hardcore Tekken fans since her absence was noticed in the original Tekken 7 title.

Besides Nina Williams, another iconic fighter has been confirmed to be added as a surprise addition. According to previous reports, Akuma from the Street Fighter series will be joining the roster. Akuma has an instrumental connection to the Heihachi Mishima family even though he is from a rival series. He will therefore, play a very important role in the upcoming Tekken 7.