Apple Watch 2: Set to Be Unveiled in March, Will Come with A Number of Colorful Bands, Magnetic Wristband On the Cards!

The second generation Apple Watch is one of the most anticipated gadgets of recent times. Various rumors are already started doing rounds on the internet regarding this upcoming device from the Apple stable.

The latest reports claim that the device will see the light of the day in fall. Apple will most likely hold a special event for the unveiling of the Apple Watch 2 alongside two other devices which are the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 5SE.

The Apple Watch was launched by the company more than a year ago and thus experts believe that Apple will release the next iteration of Apple Watch soon. The event in which the device will be unveiled will most likely be held in the third week of March.

The second generation Apple Watch will reportedly come with a number of colorful rubber Sports Bands. These include the Milanese Loop edition which will be of black color and the Hermes Band which will come in a variety of colors.

Rumors also have it that with the Apple Watch 2, Apple might unveil a completely new type of band which has been created using a new material.

Apple will reportedly upgrade the software in their upcoming iteration of the Apple Watch. It will feature a number of fitness related apps which would surely draw the attention of fitness freaks towards it. It will also contain the Nearby app which is basically a Maps app.

It was also reported that Apple has filed for a patent formagnetic wristband and thus fans can expect to see this type of wristbands in the soon-to-be-released device. Apparently, it will have a similar appearance to the existent bands which are the leather ones and the Milanese Loops.

This particular band will feature two separate straps which are made from malleable materials. It is in these straps that Apple will put a number of magnets in such a way that the whole band stays together. The band will also provide damage protection to some extent to the watch itself.

Though the device will be unveiled in March, latest reports claim that Apple will not begin mass production of the device before mid-2016 and thus a limited stock of it will be available till the end of the second quarter of the current year.

Apple will not begin shipping of the device before the month of April. More number of Apple Watch 2s will be introduced to the market by the third quarter of 2016.

Users will be able to have access to high speed internet through the watch and also make payments with the Apple Pay feature which will be included in it. It will also have calling facility and a built in camera. Users will be able to make video calls with Face Time using this camera.

It will have a better battery life and a sleeker body compared to its predecessor. A round shape for its dial is also on the cards.

The Apple Watch 2 will likely come with a price tag which would hover around the $349 mark.

A renowned website recently reported that Apple might abstain from unveiling the Apple Watch 2 in the upcoming March event.

The site stated that the Cupertino-based company might reveal some reworked versions of the already existing Apple Watch instead of launching the actual Apple Watch 2 itself at the event.

However, there is no official backing behind this claim and thus readers are advised to take this dose of rumor with a pinch of salt.

Apart from the Apple Watch, the other two devices set to be unveiled in the March event are the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 4SE.