Dance Moms Season 6: Abby Lee Miller Resigns Via Email, Seventeen Photo Shoot, Maddie Set to Leave the Show!

There’s a lot of drama in Dance Moms Season 6. The season had begun with the news that Abby Lee Miller, the dance coach for Abby Lee Dance Company has 20 fraud cases against her name and there is a chance of her heading to prison. Even the star of the show Maddie Ziegler was absent from the sixth season since she was busy filming her first Hollywood movie, The Book of Henry.

Abby Lee Miller had been very particular about not letting the fact about her legal battle come into the show and had been desperately trying to make Lifetime keep away from it. There was a rumor that she was asked if she would be leaving the show since she might have to go to prison, but Abby Lee Miller denied all this and came back for Dance Moms Season 6.

The last episode saw the mothers find out that Abby Lee has 20 cases against her name for falsely declaring bankruptcy and hiding $750,000 that she had received from Lifetime for Dance Moms. The moms had been feeling that Abby Lee Miller had been behaving very oddly since the start of the season and had even asked her if she was fine.

The dance moms decide to confront Abby Lee with the fact they have find out thanks to the morning news that she has legal cases against her name and if she is guilty will be sent to prison for five years and will have to give a fine of $5 million. Abby Lee Miller refuses to accept their sympathies and further pushes away the mothers with her attitude.

Then while the entire troupe heads to the Dream National Competition in California, Abby Lee Miller gets a phone call from her lawyer. She excuses herself form the auditorium and stays outside for the whole duration of the competition.

She is seen crying and saying that she did everything that she was asked to. It is believed that the news from the court isn’t a good one and Abby Lee Miller is going to have bad days coming up.

Maddie Ziegler, who is Abby Lee Miller’s favorite student, comes back for episode 4 of Dance Moms Season 5. She is made to perform in the teen solo category along with newcomer Brynn Rumfallo. However, Maddie Ziegler isn’t interested in the competition. She is more interested in her photo shoot with Seventeen Magazine. Maddie comes second while Brynn bags the first place.

This has given rise to speculation that Maddie Ziegler isn’t going to continue with Dance Moms for a very long time. This rumor first started in December and after Maddie’s performance in the competition, viewers are very sure that she is going to soon leave the reality show and focus on her acting career.

Maddie Ziegler has become quite a star on her own merit and Dance Moms Season 6 saw James and Sergio, the fashion editor and entertainment editor of Seventeen magazine visits the ALDC studio to talk to Abby Lee Miller. They are interested in doing a cover story on Maddie Ziegler and they wanted to have a word with the coach.