Dance Moms Season 6: Abby Lee Miller Resigns Via Email, Seventeen Photo Shoot, Maddie Set to Leave the Show!

James wants to also work on a fashion story with Maddie and says that he has already made a concept story that revolves around the dancer. The team from Seventeen Magazine is looking for two more girls to accompany Ziegler and the mothers are very excited about this opportunity. Nia Frazer’s mother forces her to take the opportunity since it’s the offer of a lifetime and it is every teenager’s dream to be on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

International Business Times had already informed that Abby Lee Miller is set to make an announcement that will shock the whole troupe and the viewers alike. The manner in which she behaves in episode 3 of Dance Moms Season 6 makes it very clear that her legal woes aren’t going to vanish.

Abby’s absence during the competition was very visible and when Melissa Gisoni, Maddie and Mackenzie’s mother and Jill Vertes try to go and check on her, she shouts hysterically and asks them to leave. She is absent from the class even on the next day and that is when Jill Vertes reveals that Abby Lee Miller has decided to quit the show.

Jill Vertes informs that she had sent an email stating her resignation. Things don’t look good for the girls and Holly Frazier goes on to state that it was the pressure of the mini team that has driven Abby Lee Miller to the point of no return. That is when Jessalyn suggests that the team has to decide whether they want to move on without her and compete.