Teen Wolf Season 5: Hayden’s Symptoms Worsens, Who Left Scott’s Pack? Episode 8 Recap, And More Details

Scott McCall wasn’t the hero in Teen Wolf Season 5, episode 8 but things continued to go wrong for Scott and his pack, and it looks like the bad guys have the upper hand and after Hayden and Liam’s kidnapping in the episode 7, Scott was hoping to at least save his friends; they had to rely on someone else while the Dread Doctors drove a pack of member out of Beacon Hills.

Scott cannot track Liam and he starts to get worried and her fears are quite justified. Hayden is inspected in the Dread Doctor’s lab; her condition worsens and on the other hand Liam tries to take her pain away, but he can’t do what Scott does and he settles for just holding her hand instead.

Scott cannot wait for Corey to read the Dread Doctors book, so he puts his claws into the chimera’s neck to tap into his memories; it’s a dangerous move, but Scott doesn’t seem to care about how invasive or risky it is. In Corey’s memories, Scott sees where the Dread Doctors’ lab is located.

Deaton, played by Seth Gilliam and a friend, investigate an area that was blocked due to nuclear radiation but they don’t buy that story. They find an old lab that belonged to the Dread Doctors and they were abandoned fetuses and children’s bone and then only a woman shoots Deaton’s friend.

Teen Wolf Season 5 airs on Mondays at 10 pm on MTV.

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