Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Sees Kailyn and Jo Fight in Front of Isaac, Corey Gets Custody of the Twins!

Corey says that he is happy that the girls now have a stable home to stay in. Leah on the other hand calls up her mother and says that she is devastated. She says that she had a feeling that the girls wouldn’t be coming back the next day and feels like she has lost a part of herself.

The last episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 7 also saw Adam Lind post a photo of his daughter, Aubree online that Chelsea Houska didn’t think was appropriate for the online audience. Chelsea asks her friends if Adam’s photo was appropriate or not and they support her claim. Chelsea’s friend tells her that even though Adam is earning a lot and has a house, he is making a lot of terrible decisions.

Chelsea says that she will talk to the lawyer to increase child support and also ends up talking to her about the photo that Adam had uploaded. The lawyer said that she will not be able to do anything about the photo of Aubree that Adam had uploaded.

On the other side of Teem Mom 2 Season 7, Janelle meets a man on Tinder and she is super excited about him. He also happens to have two kids of his own and his name is David. Janelle ends up taking to Tori about the guy and showing the photos.

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