Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Sees Kailyn and Jo Fight in Front of Isaac, Corey Gets Custody of the Twins!

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 episode 3 titled Breaking Apart saw Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera fight while their son watches them. As Celebrity Dirty Laundry pointed out, Javi had gone to Isaac’s school to have lunch with him and notices that the kid hadn’t had a bath and kept on scratching his head.

When Kailyn finds this out, she texts Jo asking why he hadn’t dressed Isaac properly before sending him off to school.

Jo immediately responds saying that Javi should focus on his kids instead of seeing what Isaac had been doing. Kailyn calls him up after this reply, to which Jo apologizes and Kailyn makes him realize that the way Isaac is dressed reflects on them as parents. The matter ends up there for now, but things have just about started in Teen Mom 2 Season 7.

When Kailyn goes over to pick Isaac up from Jo’s place, she asks Jo why he doesn’t try to dress properly and get his life back together. Jo says that she doesn’t have any right to tell him how he should behave in his own house.

He goes on to say that this was why he had thrown Kailyn out of his home. While the two shout and continue their verbal abuse, Isaac keeps staring at them and wondering what is going on.

International Business Times reported that Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera have always had a strained relationship ever since they have separated. The two have always been quarrelling and Jo is known for his quirks and outbursts; even the cast members are used to it by now.

For a time being it was thought that the two have sorted their differences and are trying to be responsible parents to their little son, but then they fly into a rage with every small issue and create a scene.

Kailyn feels that she should talk to Isaac about what had happened and says that his parents love him a lot in spite of the fact that they sometimes end up fighting. She goes on to tell him that she didn’t want Isaac to ever talk to anyone like the way his daddy does. Isaac has always been very mature for his age and he assures Kailyn that he will not treat women the way his father does.

Perez Hilton reported that Kailyn has gotten dreadlocks and they may be her way of coping with the fact that Jo is getting engaged. While some of her fans have shown some negative sentiments others have cleared the fact that her new look is for her school project.

In other news related to Teen Mom 2 Season 7, Leah Messer confides in her friend that she doesn’t like living in this fashion, because it feels like she is always at war.

She drops off her twins, Ali and Aleeah and says that she has a feeling that the girls might not be going back home tomorrow.

Leah and Corey have been fighting the custody battle and Leah had gotten a call from the lawyer who wanted to talk about the custody agreement. As it turns out, Corey gets the custody of the girls and Leah is devastated. Corey is happy that he has got the custody and says that there is a reason for the court to change the primary custody of the two girls and it’s not something that they do.