Taylor Swift: Uploads A Photo in A Onesie, Holidays in the Vail, Becomes A Game-Changer, And More

Not only that, Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour became the platform to be for the celebrities. Quarts reported that performing on stage with Taylor Swift made careers and this made her stage more powerful than that of Oprah’s.

Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular artists in the industry. She made a career for Ryan Adams when he covered her complete 1989 album thereby kick-starting his dwindling musical career.

Her popular Bad Blood video had a large number of artists, and it became even more popular than Freedom by George Michael. The music video was seen as a mark of Taylor Swift’s power in the industry and was her way to diss her one-time friend Katy Perry. Katy Perry had rubbed her the wrong way when she took away one of Taylor’s back-up dancers.

One of Taylor Swift’s most memorable moments was her attack on Apple for not paying the artist any money for the three-month trial session of their streaming service. Apple immediately took note of that and made a deal with Taylor Swift, thus changing the whole set up of the music industry.

Taylor Swift is known for connecting with her fans. She created the terms Swiftmas and Taylurking where she chooses fans randomly and self-delivers gifts on the occasion of Christmas.

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