Taylor Swift: Uploads A Photo in A Onesie, Holidays in the Vail, Becomes A Game-Changer, And More

Taylor Swift is going strong with Calvin Harris and this is happy news for the fans of the singer. The Bad Blood singer have had made her relationship with the DJ/music producer public and isn’t shy from flaunting how happy she is.

Like Taylor Swift, her boyfriend also had a huge number of followers on Instagram where the two keep updating adorable photos of their life and pets.

Now recently, Calvin Harris had decided to make his profile private and this had created a huge uproar among fans who hadn’t yet followed him. There were innumerable posts on the social media trying to find out why Calvin Harris suddenly needed privacy.

However, fans didn’t have to crib any further because the setting for the profile has been made public again and all of his photos have been made available to the fans. Fans of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift immediately took to Instagram to check how many posts they had missed. Calvin Harris hadn’t posted much in the time his profile was made private.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend shared a photo of the two of them in snow gear. The couple recently shared a vacation with the members of the Swift family in Vail, Colorado. The photo was posted on Christmas Eve and showed Taylor dressed in an all white winter gear with her face covered with a mask and large goggles.

Calvin had on similar attire in black. He was standing in front of a utility vehicle with Taylo Swift leaning on him and posing. The two were there to spend time with family and seemed to have had a great time.

According to People Magazine Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris went to have dinner in Vail at a well known fine dining restaurant called Zach’s Cabin. The place is known for its A-list clientele and serves specialties like caramelized jumbo sea scallops and chili encrusted elk tenderloin.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were living in a private home close to the Vail city and the snow slopes that the area is famous for. The two had a great time in the mountains because as Instagram says, they had a great time joining Taylor’s younger brother Austin in making a mean looking snow man. The sturdy snowman would put to shame many a snowman and it looked like a great piece of handiwork.

Teen Vogue reported how Calvin Harris used the slang word with ‘f’ to describe the tall and sturdy looking snowman. The teased that Calvin Harris should seriously turn the privacy mode on his Instagram account since Taylor’s father Scott Swift isn’t going to be happy with the words used by her boyfriend in the presence of her brother.

Taylor Swift is known for uploading cute photos, but she topped her own record when she uploaded an adorable photo of herself in an elf onesie.

The make-up free photo was quirky and it immediately became the most popular celebrity photo of the holiday season. The photo got more than 2.3 million likes in only days making it the most popular post ever.

Taylor Swift has just ended her 1989 tour, which turned out to be the highest grossing tour in the music industry. 2015 was a great year for the 26-year-old singer.

She made wonderful music changing her genre from country to pop. She launched her 1989 album, which was one of the most popular albums of the generation and successfully completed a world tour on her own.