Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy A9: Two Worthy Rivals Compete for Excellence, More Details

In recent years, Apple has done really well in terms of mobile sales. The iPhones, iPods and iPads manufactured by the company has managed to easily take over Holiday sales year after year, in a manner that no other company has ever managed to do.

This year, we witnessed Apple take 49.1 percent of all mobile device activations during the Christmas Holiday. Compared to last year, the figures have reduced but it is still superior to any other particular company on the platform.

According to a new report that was released recently, mobile analytics firm Flurry; around half of all new mobile device activations in the US belonged to Apple. Compared to last year’s 51.3 percent, the number has slightly reduced but it still manages to dominate all other mobile companies.

Compared to that, Samsung was responsible for 19.8 percent of all device activations. Xiaomi was responsible for 1.5% of all activations while Nokia ended up at 2%. The 5.5inch Apple iPhone 6S Plus from Apple was quite popular during the 2015 Holiday season compared to the earlier years.

This represented 27% of all device activations. In terms of popularity, full-sized tablets have taken a backseat for now and comprised of only 9% of all device activations in 2015.Over the holiday period, new medium sized Apple iPhone 6 were still quite popular, followed by other phablets, full-sized tablets along with smaller ones like the iPad Mini.

Over the holiday period, new medium sized Apple iPhone 6 were still quite popular, followed by other phablets, full-sized tablets along with smaller ones like the iPad Mini.

Compared to that, Android devices activated, comprised of 50 percent phablets while 35percent Android devices that were activated, were medium-sized smartphones. The report clearly indicated that larger phablets from Apple like the iPhone 6S Plus has tremendously grown in popularity.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung has grown over the years, especially with the introduction of new handsets. Two new iterations of Apple’s latest flagship devices, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were launched. In order to counter the 6S from Apple, the Galaxy A9 was launched by Samsung, which is a 6-inch phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 was recently revealed during an event in China and it is being referred as one of the best devices in the A series. The iPhone 6S Plus was launched in September and it is a pretty high-end device.

The 6S Plus was known for its outstanding performance and big screen effects. Let us take a look at the comparison between Samsung Galaxy A9 and Apple iPhone 6S Plus. The 6S Plus carries the same metal body and design of its predecessor, the iPhone 6 Plus. The aluminum which is used in this device is much tougher in nature.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 features a metal body as well and has a premium look, unlike most of the plastic devices released by the company. The Galaxy A9 is 8 grams heavier and 0.1 mm thicker than its rival.

Compared to the impressive and attractive build of the iPhone, the Samsung A9 loses points in these aspects. In terms of Body and Design, Apple, therefore, remains the sole champion. In terms of display, the iPhone 6S features a 5.5inch Retina HD display with a full HD resolution. Compared to the 6inch display in the Galaxy A9, the screen in 6S Plus is smaller.

With the brilliant AMOLED, the A9 provides more space to work on its brilliant display. At the same time, the display on Apple iPhone 6S Plus is much better and with the presence of 3D Touch, the iPhone 6S Plus enjoys a rather competitive edge.