Samsung Galaxy S6: Marshmallow Update Imminent, Samsung Holding Marshmallow Beta Testing for S6, And More

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is set to receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in the recent future. The update will bring a host of improvements to the device along with some new features. The camera department will be revamped in a major way after the update.

It was reported in a popular tech site that the update will incorporate the latest camera features into the device that are found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The overall user interface will be further smoothened out by the Android M update which will result in an easier handling of the device. The S6 was recently put to a test and it was found that the device was able to load 7 apps before it reloaded.

Thus, it can be stated that the latest Android update will work towards bringing about major enhancements in an already high-specs device.

Prior to the OS update, Samsung has started rolling out security updates for the Galaxy S6 in India and the Nordic countries. The update is being made available over the air or OTA and it comes with a size of around 100mb.

This security patch will work towards enhancing the security measures while also giving an overhaul to the voice call stability of the device.

Users can head to the settings of their devices and check out whether the update is already available or not. If it is not currently available, users can expect to get notified for the software update in the recent future.

Users who want to manually check out if the update is currently available can do so by heading over to Settings > About Device > Software Update.

The update will also be available for another flagship device of the S6 series, the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE+. Users of these devices in the US had recently received a similar update earlier in December.

The Galaxy S6 models in the UK have reportedly already started receiving the Android Marshmallow update. Apparently, Samsung was on the lookout for beta testers for the Android 6.0 update.

It had announced its search for beta testers over Twitter and users who voluntarily agreed to test out the latest Android OS started receiving the update which came with a size of 1.2GB.

The beta firmware is not only available for S6 users but also for the S6 Edge users. The update brought forth a series of new elements to the S6 which included a new power menu, brand new app permissions, and the Doze feature.

Google Now On Tap is another handy feature that will be incorporated into the device after the update and it will help users to easily access the app with a single tap.

The TouchWiz interface of the device gets an uplift and it appears even sleeker and handles smoother. The device will also be blessed with a number of new fluid effects and animations. The quick settings menu will be upgraded with some new colors.

The new app permission will improve the security of the device as users will now be able to give access permissions to apps on a case to case basis. The drop down notification panel sports a new color which is a combination of blue and green.

The power menu gets a revamp and the written down commands are done away with for a row of icons which pop up against a faded background when the power button is long pressed.

The update will allow users to select the shutter speed of the camera manually which will enable them to capture images in RAW-format. Capturing images in RAW format will increase the scope of editing them in future.