Taylor Swift: Signs A Deal with Apple, Receives Birthday Messages from Her Gal Pals, Decides to Trademark Swiftmas

Also present at the party were Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Us Magazine noted that the couple looked very cute together. Iovine’s son Jamie shared a hilarious photo of himself and Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Chris Harris.

DJ Snake also shared a Snapchat of birthday girl Taylor Swift along with DJ Snake and Calvin Harris celebrating at the party and posing with the Santa Claus. It was a grand party with the Iovine residence getting a real snow ski slope, reindeer for the sleigh, penguins with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Taylor Swift has trademarked her name, signature and initials. She has also trademarked 1989, the name of her new album and along with the way it has been written on the cover of the album. Now, she has decided to trademark the term Swiftmas in the United States.

Swiftmas is the term that Taylor Swift has been using to describe the event where she randomly chooses a fan and hand delivers gifts to them for Christmas. If this gets approved, then no one will be able to use these words on print without paying a loyalty to Taylor.

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